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Welcome to ReveTrix
ReveTrix is a revenue sharing advertising program that you can use to effectively advertise all of your money making programs online while simultaneously earning generous commissions by reselling the advertising, and participating in our life changing income opportunity.
How The ReveTrix Money Making Opportunity Works
Everyone starts by purchasing an Ad Package which cost just $5.00 and comes along with: 10,000 Banner ads and 10,000 Text ads credits. These ad credits can be used to advertise your online businesses and attract quality traffic to your websites.

By purchasing our Ad Package, you also qualify to earn in our company 3 levels Revolving ReveTrix Force Matrix loaded with lots of spillovers, spillunders and Global Matrix Helper Positions.

Every time a position falls in any of your Lines, you Get Paid Instantly, and this earning is made available directly in Your Cash balance. Whenever any of your $5.00 position cycles through the Silver Line To the Platinum line. Each Position will earn you a over $60.00 plus you'll receive a new positions in the Silver Line. And you can purchase unlimited Ad Positions.

You get paid instantly as new positions fill up your matrixes plus you get an automatic entry into the Next Line.

This is a Truly Phenomenon Payplan. Practically The Most Brilliant Perpetual Income Payplan in MLM History! The only one where you get paid instantly as new positions fill up your matrix and it's designed to pay you over and over again.

With ReveTrix, it is possible for each of your Ad Positions to Make over $20.00, $40.00, or even $60.00 Weekly And NOT Just Once but over and over again from a single $5.00 Ad Position!!
Earnings Per Position In Your
Silver Matrix Downline: $2.00
Total Earnings: $2.00 x 3 = $6.00
Matching Bonus: $1.00
Auto Entry into: 8.00 Gold Line
Banner Credits: 10,000
Textad Credits: 10,000
Earnings Per Position In Your
Gold Matrix Downline: $3.50
Total Earnings: $3.50 X 4 = $14.00
Direct Ref. Bonus: $0.50
Matching Bonus: $1.00
Auto Entry into:  $15.00 Platinum Line
Banner  Credits: 15,000
Textad  Credits: 15,000
Earnings Per Position In Your
Platinum  Matrix Downline: $7.00
Total Earnings: $7.00 x 5 = $35.00
Auto Entry into:  $5.00 Silver Line
Direct Ref. Bonus: $1.00
Matching Bonus: $5.00
Global Positions : 5 Positions
Banner Credits: 30,000
Textad Credits: 30,000

Every $5.00 Position Has The Potential To Earn You Over $60.00 USD Not Just Once But Over and Over Again!!

ReveTrix Is Absolutely The Most Powerful and Rewarding Money Generating System  On The Net Today ..!
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